Get the Balance You Need With Feng Shui Living Room


Do you want to drive positive energy to your life? Then use the right colors to get good energy flowing to your direction. This is actually one of the easiest Feng Shui techniques in creating the perfect balance in life.

Excitement and Vigor

Balance the Fire element in your living room with the right colors if you want to attract excitement especially in your career and in attaining recognition in your job. To get this you must use the colors of the Fire element. It is also best to position these colors at the Northwest or Southwest area. The Fire element colors are red, orange, purple, pink, and yellow.

Sustenance and Steadiness

Protect family relationships with strong and steady colors of the Feng Shui Earth element. These are the colors that will keep your family together despite trials, nourish your family and help you provide daily sustenance, as well as protect everyone from any kind of danger. The Earth colors should be placed at the center of your home or living room, where family usually spends time together. The Feng Shui Earth colors are light yellow, beige, and all shades of brown resembling the earth and sand.

feng shui living room 1

Precision and Efficiency

The colors of the Metal element bring with it the traits of being sharp, precise, and effective. The colors of this element are best to be used in the office or your workplace at home. This will attract good energy when it comes to your performance on the job. There are only two strong colors of the Feng Shui element Metal, the gray and the white.

Atmosphere of Calm, Cleanliness, and Plenty

The harmonious element of Water brings with it refreshing energy, serenity, and of being pure. Even during ancient times, water has symbolized prosperity. Additionally, there are proven therapeutic effects of water. The best and most powerful colors of the Water element are blue.

Good Health and Total Well Being

The Feng Shui element Wood will direct the energy of good health, emotional stability, and of being fit. Like Water, the element Wood also represents prosperity and abundance. So if you are looking to gain wealth it is wise to use the colors of the Wood in your house or living room. The dominant colors of the Feng Shui element Wood are brown.

feng shui living room 2

Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

It is very important to direct the right energy into your home or living room so that you and your family will always be strong, united, healthy, and prosperous. You can attract this energy by applying simple Feng Shui techniques. This will guide you how to create a healthy and happy environment for your family. Like music, color nourishes and uplifts the soul. In Feng Shui, the more colors of the elements you attract the higher state of well being will you be also.