"Do You Want To Know How You Can Establish Balance, Stability And Harmony?
Free Yourself From Emotional Clutter
Within The Hour By Using ...
The Ancient Art of Feng Shui (Fung Shway)
These Are Principles That Have Been Tried And Proven True & Effective Through Time!!"

Furthermore, you may be shocked to learn about this recent medical findings. Clutter in the house has a direct connection with obesity. That’s true! An untidy, absolutely messy room contributes to having an over extended waistline. Curious? Read on!

Dear curious reader,

You may have heard that Feng Shui (pronounced as “Fung Shway”) brings prosperity, happiness, confidence, and good health into your life.

In fact, this art has been practiced since Ancient time and is still going on today. Modern technology and Western Science can never dim the practice of the art because Feng Shui is not only tradition it is a way of living.

A Lot of People Who DO NOT Fully Understand Feng Shui
Think That It Is a Religion or Something
That Deals With Supernatural Powers.
They Are Gravely Mistaken!!

Common Misconceptions

Feng Shui in Western terms deals with Home Improvement, Geography, Psychology, and Modern Science.

In fact there are several truths modern science accepts today that Feng Shui has already practiced eons ago.

The New Trend

It is good news that Feng Shui is gaining popularity and is practiced by people of different nations.

In fact, Feng Shui is promoted in every media like TV, magazines, various “self help” books and kits. It seems like everyone is talking about it.

By utilizing Feng Shui, you'll be freeing yourself of "emotional clutter."

So what’s with Feng Shui that it has survived with the modern technology where man has reached the moon and robots have been to other planets? Why do millions of people still practice this Ancient Art with principles that has never changed through the years?

Simple Applications

Here is one example of how we can practically apply Feng Shui techniques.

It is an amazing fact that people just keep old stuff for any or no reason. These things are accumulated through the years and clutter the closet, a spare room, the garage, or the attic. What most people do not know is that these piles of old stuff will cause despair and illness.

Why? You will know in a moment.

Discover The Techniques On ...
How To STOP Becoming An Emotional Wreck
And, Know What Things Inside Your Home
May Be Considered As CULPRITS of You
And, Constant Feelings of Unhappiness & Discontent.

Energy is constantly flowing around you. It is important that you keep these energy flowing and avoid blocking its flow.

Stagnant energy will drag your emotional and physical energy down resulting to higher stress and lowered resistance to sickness.

But First, Here's A Quick Glance At What You'll Be Learning Today:

  • The History and Origins - Once you have your own copy, see page 5 for detailed information about Feng Shui, its history and principles as well as TRUE origins of this mystifying and really powerful implementation. Furthermore, learn how the ancient civilizations utilized the possibilities of Feng Shui to their advantage and how YOU can use it too.
  • Let the Principles Work for You - Still on page 5, you will discover two very important principles that hold the secret of how to make Feng Shui really work for you. Plus, learn the techniques on how these can be “hooked” to your system and create an unending flow of positive energy within.
  • Know the 5 Elements and Its Practical Applications - Discover how those who are practicing Feng Shui remain calm and relaxed, always perform their best, and keep on reaping amazing benefits. In page 16, you will learn about the 5 Elements of Feng Shui along with examples and real life uses for each element. In an hour, it is guaranteed you will definitely find your balance and have a sense of peace.
  • Know Your Color - Color plays a very important part in our daily life. This is something you should really know. In page 21, you will learn that there is one color that will send every positive feeling down the drain and attract only anguish and despair. On the other hand, there is also one color that is a must wear for successful interviews and business meetings.
  • Remember, everyday simple things like colors have a definite effect on your mood. Still on page 21, know the one color that will produce a chemical reaction that will result to calm your mind and emotions.
  • Color Your Room - Do you want to know how the Ancient principles of Feng Shui help to attract positive energy in your home just by the way you decorate a room? Rejuvenate your body and soul by the right play of colors in strategic places in your home. Create the perfect ambiance with the perfect color blends. However, before you start redecorating your room using Feng Shui techniques, make sure you have read page 35. Here, the ancient secret of properly applying color to your room is revealed.
  • Do you have a “Waist problem”? Turn to Feng Shui - Remember that recent breakthrough in research about clutter in the house is correlated to having a huge waistline? It is definitely true. In page 40, learn how to combat clutter and your big waistline. Know the secret of becoming physically fit and emotionally stable with the proper application of Feng Shui techniques.
  • How a Messy Room Affects You - Page 41 will divulge the 3 devastating effects of clutter. Threats to your relationships as well as your physical and mental well being are all due to a messy room. In fact, there is no aspect in your life that will not be negatively affected by clutter.
  • Bring the Fire Back Into Your Love Life - The bedroom is a very private place where couples spend the time giving each other pleasure. Unknowingly though, there are items in the bedroom that works to kill desire. On page 49, get to know what Feng Shui experts call ‘smokers’. It is called such because this is a potent Feng Shui technique that will definitely make sparks fly inside the bedroom. A must read for every couple.
  • Get that “Curb Appeal” - If you have not heard of “curb appeal” this is actually a realty term that pertains to the beauty and pleasant appearance of the outside area of a house or building. Curb appeal is a very big factor in realty and rightly so because first impressions are made right on the outside of the house or building. Get this curb appeal in your own home by applying the tested and effective Feng Shui technique laid out on page 50. Create the most inviting front yard and who knows you may just grab that “Garden of the Month” award in your neighborhood.
  • Get that Clutter Off the Yard Too! - First impressions last, cliché but true. And the best way to create a good first impression for your home is to keep your yard free from clutter. Page 55 will show you how the concept of the 5 elements and the principles of cleaning the yard of clutter to become your partner in creating that beautifully, serene yard. It may not be an actual Zen garden but you can perfectly create something Zen-like.
  • Getting Over the Roadblock - There seems to be one common stumbling block for would be Feng Shui practitioners. You have to be careful about this barrier because it will block you from reaping the full benefits of Feng Shui. Know what this block is and on page 60 discover the key on how to become a Feng Shui expert.

"Let Feng Shui Work on Your Life POSITIVEly"

By now you may be starting to visualize how to implement the Feng Shui methods and realize its power in your day to day activities.

With these easy and simple steps, you can be sure that even small measures will result to HUGE benefits in every aspect of your life. It may be power dressing for an interview, improve romance inside the bedroom or slimming down, there is something for everyone in Feng Shui.

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Not even close!

By now, you should be starting to realize the true power of Feng Shui.

I'm sure you have already started to imagine how you'll apply the principles and teachings of Feng Shui to your every day life, and how tiny improvements and changes can reap HUGE rewards...

...Both physically, and emotionally.

Whether you want to relieve yourself of stress, make yourself digestible in your bed room, slim down on clutter (and weight) or even impress your future bosses at a job interview... there really is something for EVERYONE inside.

I'd find it hard to believe that anyone could read my book from start to finish, and NOT instantly pick up a tactic that could benefit them today.

In fact, I'd find it hard to believe anyone would find less than 10 ways that this information could be used to make their lives easier, calmer and more relaxing.

Which is why I'm willing to put my neck on the line, and test out that theory.

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And just incase you do happen to change your mind later...

Hope to see you soon :) Looking forward to your success story,.

All the best,

Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison

P.S. No. 1 - Don't forget, Feng Shui can benefit you in many ways.

Whether you are after turning your home into a mentally, physically and spiritually nurturing place... to untie physical or emotional "knots"... or even bring a little fire back into your life - whatever you are after - we've got it covered inside "Secrets Of Feng Shui Revealed."

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